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14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 5, 2020


Mt 10:26-33 We are all familiar with the refrain, "You have put on Christ. In him you have been baptized. Alleluia, alleluia!" In Baptism, we put on Christ. In putting on Christ, we put on all that Christ is and represents: hope, faith and love. We are no longer bound to the sins and failures of the flesh, that part of us that resists God and relies exclusively on human means. It also means that we are not in debt to our past, complete with its sins, failure, regrets, fears, and unfulfilled dreams. There is always hope. In putting on Christ, we put on God's vision for the world, for all of His children and for us. We have been given a road map to guide our paths and a blueprint to follow for our life's journey.

There is no need for regret, and we are not tethered to our past. Is there anything in your past that you regret? Any decision or memory that continues to haunt you? We have all made mistakes, and we have this uncanny ability to continue beating ourselves up over things we can no longer do anything about, except learn from them. To put on Christ means that I can now bring God's unconditional love to my hurtful memories and sinful choices. With each new moment and every new choice, I can start clean and live in freedom.

Imagine adults when the disciples were preaching and baptizing. They came to baptism not really knowing who they were, with pasts that were broken, seeking to live the joy of the Gospel they heard spoken to them and wanting the love they saw witnessed in the lives of those who believed. What tremendous celebrations their baptisms must have been! They could now have the support of a community, full participation in the sacraments of the church, focus for their disordered lives, consolation, healing, and an understanding of what life is really all about. Our lies are meant to be celebrations of the Spirit we have received in Baptism. How does that joy get expressed in and through you? When we truly understand that we have put on Christ, our burdens can become much lighter. It is odd that so many Christians look like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Wouldn't it be wonderful if those weights could be lifted and joy experienced!
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The famous Liberty Bell has par t of Leviticus 25:10 inscribed on it: "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." The Gettysburg Address stated "this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom." Our nation today needs a new birth of religious freedom, which is rapidly being taken from us. Defend all life and religious freedoms today.


Fr. Lubo will be making Communion Calls to the homebound of Sacred Heart and Saint Mary's churches this Thursday, July 2. If you are not already on Father's Communion Call list and you would like him to stop at your home, please call the rectory at 943-8553 and speak with the secretary by Tuesday, June 30. The secretary will call you on Wednesday and let you know what time to expect his arrival.


Sacred Heart Lectors. If you have been a Lector at Sacred Heart and you would like to volunteer to continue to read during these Covid-19 times, please call the rectory at 943-8553. There will only be one Lector at each Mass.


We thank all parishioners of Sacred Heart and Saint Mary church who have continued to support our 2020 Catholic Ministries Drive. We are not far from our goal. Remember, all money donated above our goal will come back to the church.

We also thank the families at Sacred Heart and Saint Mary's for continuing to be supportive of the Church by mailing and dropping off at the rectory your weekly/ monthly church contributions. Your generosity is deeply appreciated


Angel Fund applications are available in the rectory at Sacred Heart. They will not be available in the church. Forms may be picked up at the rectory or mailed to you. Grants are based on need and participation in our faith community, Time, Talent, and Treasure. Call the rectory at 943-8553.


We need your EMAIL for our church rosters. Saint Mary's and Sacred Heart are in the process of updating parishioner information. We have found that communication is easier sometimes through email. If you have an email address, we are asking you to please let us know what it is for our records. If we have your email address, please let us know that it is correct by checking with us for what we have on file. Also, if you no longer have a land-line, but instead are using a cell phone, would you also let us know that, so that we do not continue to call a non-working number. Saint Mary's parishioners, please contact Anita at the St. Mary's Rectory (942-2416) and Sacred Heart parishioners please contact Paulette at Sacred Heart Rectory (943-8553). Thank you.


The RCIA Process and Your Journey of Faith. Are you curious about what the Catholic Church teaches? Or, perhaps you have already decided to become Catholic and need to know what is involved. Whichever your situation or circumstance may be, we welcome you and would like to journey with you! Where do I begin? Becoming Catholic is a joyous and communal experience. A person is brought into Full Communion with the Catholic Church through reception of the three sacraments of Christian Initiation-Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist but this process by which one becomes a Catholic can be different for each individual depending on your circumstances and where you are in your faith journey.

Before a person is ready to be received into the Church, whether by baptism or by profession of faith, preparation is necessary. The amount and type of preparation depends on the individual's circumstance. The preparation process is different between those who are unbaptized and those who have already become Christian through baptism in another church.

Those who have been baptized in a different Christian denomination become Catholics by taking instruction in the faith, making a profession of the Catholic faith, and being formally received into the Church. This is followed by Confirmation and the Eucharist. Unbaptized adults enter the Church by the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) and receive the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil. If you are ready to start your journey, we would be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have. For more information, please contact Mike Kelleher at 934-4076 (Sacred Heart) or Jim Mock at 650-7250 (Saint Mary).


Stay Informed and Engaged in Diocesan News. The diocese has an on-line newspaper, Proclaim! The Good News of Altoona-Johnstown, featuring diocesan news, information and commentary including happenings at parishes and schools. Visit the site at and sign up for regular e-mail updates delivered to your in box or visit our website at or

Stewardship Reflections

By handing our ordinary lives over to Jesus we can rest in the promise of Jesus that to labor in His name we will learn to be humble and not act as if becoming a Christian steward is burdensome, "For my yoke is easy, and my burden light."

In Your Prayers

Please remember the health intention of Please remember the health intention of Lee Appleman, Allan Bauer, Mark Blackie, Rod Baronner, Jack Chilcote, Brandon Conaway, Shirley Conlon, Denise Conrad, James Conrad, Cathy Corl, Dan Costlow, Joan Donnelly, Matt Dorman, Amelia Doughurty, Lois Duncan, Trina Funcheon, Mary Hartsock, Phyllis Hartman, Elizabth Hasan, Phyllis Hauser, Diane Horton, Cindy Lytle, Jonathon Masood, Edmund McConnell, Elizabeth McConnell, Charles McGrain, Lori Moschat, Cierria Naglowsky, Maureen O’Rorke, Gail Pearson, Christopher Ruffing, Robert Ruffing, Susan Sakerak, Brian Sherbine and Peggy Stauffer and Ken Tromm.

If you would like to add a sick or hospitalized person to our prayer list or re-add a person, please call the rectory office, at 943-8553. Parishioners of Saint Mary are encouraged and welcome to participate. Remember, you must have permission of the ill person/family to publish their name.



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